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After four years of extensive research, we came up with a brilliant innovative solution that we proudly call "DryBox".


DryBox is an ultimate solution that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by over 6 months, keeps the nutrients and aroma intact, and enhances sensory values. And the good news is that this is possible without any cold chain or preservatives which makes it 100% natural.


DryBox removes the moisture content of any food product in a very hygienically controlled setting. It is a stand-alone machine that is programmed to work automatically. This makes it easy to control the quality of the products. Moreover, this feature makes it possible to process your product during the night and pack ready products during the day time.


DryBox uses very low power and its cabinet model can also run on a domestic or household power supply. All these features ramp up the production and value addition in your product, thereby improving the ROI.


DryBox can process most of the fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, seafood and even some of the Ready-To-Eat RTE products that maximise the range of products you can offer to regular retail markets as well as for pharma companies.


You can easily start your food processing unit with low investment with our entry-level models. Currently, DryBox's larger models are being used by major food processing brands in India such as Suhana Masale, Mapro, Chitale, Gits, etc

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