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Image by Jan Kopřiva

in 2007,
we began with
Cold Chain Solutions...


India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. However, India faces massive post-harvest losses. Agro Ripe was founded in 2007 with a vision to reduce these post-harvest losses through the use of technology.


We researched and developed scientific methods of ripening fruits by controlling temperature and humidity. Eventually, we created entire cold chain solutions with cold rooms, pre-cooling technology and ripening chambers. We successfully installed over 500 projects pan India.


While we were successful in creating a cold chain, our focus was on creating a value chain around farmers and create Agropreneurs!


During this journey, we witnessed the success and also the failures of these cold chains.


Many who failed were mainly because of uncontrollable external factors such as irregular power supply, lack of reefer vehicles, lack of cold chain at the distribution points, etc. And sometimes large setup which required heavy investment found it difficult to reach ROI in planned time.


We realised that although we were building very good cold chain solutions, merely controlling the temperature or the water content was not the ultimate solution to increase the shelf life.


We researched and concluded that instead of fighting the water content of the food, why not remove it and see what happens?

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