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Image by Julia Zolotova

Palletised CA Storage


This technology is an extension of Controlled Atmosphere Storage. Incase if you want to use storage multiple produce in the same storage area then this technology is useful. Every fruit has its own biology and needs different combination of O2 and CO2 levels for optimum storage conditions.  This technology can adjust conditions for each produce stored in it without distributing the neighbouring produce.

PalliFlex System offer by VA is a cost effective and can be used in existing cold rooms for short-term and long-term storage of limited quantity of the produce under CA conditions.


Independent setting of gas conditions per pallet

Fungal infection and smell cannot transfer from one pallet to another

Easy to trace any leakages

CO2 and O2 levels remains unchanged while connecting or disconnecting units

Relatively cost effective compared to single produce large CA rooms

This system is ideal for the storage of soft, small fruits and various vegetables.

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