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Yellow Lentils

Hermetic Warehouse


Hermetic storage technology has emerged as a significant alternative to other methods of food-grain storage to protect commodities from insect and molds. This technology is also called as Sealed /Airtight Storage . It is a form of bio-generable Modified Atmosphere (MA). It is a green technology using no chemicals for preservation.

Application of Hermetic Storage:

Long term storage of cereal grains, primary rice, corn, barley, wheat etc.

Long term storage of variety of seeds to preserve germination potential and vigor.

Quality preservation of high value commodities like cocoa and coffee.

Advantage of Hermetic Storage:

Low oxygen and high CO2 atmosphere prevent infestation (mold & insects) and oxidation

Preventing entry of moisture & protection from rodents

Hermetic Storage eliminates the use of pesticides and fumigants making it a sustainable, cost effective green technology

AgroRipe can provide solutions for building Hermetic Storage warehouses.

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