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in 2007,
we began with
Cold Chain Solutions...


Fruit of success was never so sweet !


When an excellent concept is coupled with a comprehensive thought, an innovative creation shapes up. And when this creation extends to reach the grass root level and brings prosperity in a common man’s life, a revolution takes place. Such a revolution-blending idea and technology took place in agriculture and opened up the doors to a golden future. AgroRipe, a mature concept, has gifted countless farmers and whole-sellers a sweet fruit of success.

Establishment and Journey of AgroRipe

Around the year 2007, Mr. Sunil Bhat realised that not even one tenth of the available post-harvesting technologies for scientific fruit ripening and preservation are utilised by the Indian Market. Many new technologies in this field were limited to only discussions and debates in the universities. The bigger challenge was to percolate this technology till the grass root level. The task was not at all easy, given the fact that there was no awareness regarding this subject. Those who were closely linked with this trade or business were unfortunately not interested in implementing the technology. Within such hazy and ignorant scenario as an experienced engineer, Mr. Bhat took this herculean task of generating awareness and spreading technology for overall benefit of producers as well as buyers.


…and the seed was sown!

AgroRipe firmly stood to handle and carry forward advance post-harvest preservation in India. The most important and difficult task was to create awareness about post-harvest losses among farmers and Fruit traders. To promote this message, AgroRipe undertook many programs and seminars throughout  India. Counseling was given on diverse topics such as importance of cold chains and value addition of the agro produce through branding. This brought a revolution in conventional fruit handling practice, pricing and the way market was operating. Thus, AgroRipe initiated its operations in implementing Cold Chains across Maharashtra with a good market acceptance among farmers and whole-sellers.


From thought to action

The pioneering Scientific Fruit-Ripening Chamber for our customer was set-up in 2008, in Pune, India. The acceptance of this venture was phenomenal within fruit retailer and buyers. In a matter of just four months, the chamber capacity was raised from four to forty tons. The acceptance of this new technology gave a radical transformation, which encouraged AgroRipe in their entrepreneurial endeavors. By the end of 2010, we had completed implementation of about 100 chambers adding together more than 2000 tons in Pune Fruit and Vegetables Market. Subsequently, AgroRipe delivered its solutions to other parts of Maharashtra and rest of India. AgroRipe added more solutions such as Multi-Commodity cold storage for preservation, Ripening and De-greening applications.


...not just a technology

but a complete ideology

  • Quest for International quality.

  • Aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

  • Consistent trust building through value added services.

  • Solutions based on Agricultural Produce Vs. Market Demands.

  • Solutions evolved through information, education and training.

  • Induce Branding for agricultural produce for better market acceptance.

  • Passion to bring a revolutionary transformation in post-harvesting preservation.

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