Multi-Produce Chambers

Passion for innovation leads to Chambers for Multiple Produce

Client: Alchemy Processors Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Aurangabad
Produce: Banana, Sweet lime, Lemon


The client, Mr. Milind was an electrical engineer by profession. But his passion for agriculture was driving him to enter the fruit ripening and selling business. He was looking for proper guidance, technical know-how and turn-key solutions.


Mr. Milind being a new entrant in the field, major mission of AgroRipe was to derive a well planned strategy for him right from the start. He was assisted also in the decision making about his foray into business. After thorough analysis and insightful brainstorming, he decided to go with AgroRipe and started with 2 chambers of 12 metric ton each. Many innovative experiments were undertaken in this set up.

Mr. Milind tried de-greening applications for citrus fruits like sweet lime and lemon and studied ethylene management impact on green chili storage.
His experiment in reddening of green chilies by controlling desired parameters was a success with guidance and support from AgroRipe. Now ambitious expansion plans are on his chart for 2013.