Banana Revolution Pune

Banana Revolution begins in Pune

Client: Mohammad Haji Umarali Sache
Location: Mahtma Phule Mandi, Pune
Produce: Banana


The traditional Banana market was not very profitable and was slowly degrading. Due to hot climate there was lot of wastage of Bananas. The farmers, the whole-sellers and the retailers were very unhappy trading in Banana. Even the market consumption was lowering due to poor quality of Bananas available with the retail market. This was all because of lack in scientific methods and technologies used for ripening. Our client was one of them. His business growth was stalled for many years and could not see any future in Banana business.


Mr. Firoz and Mr. Faiyaz Seth from Sache Fruits consulted AgroRipe to understand the pros and cons of setting a fruit ripening facility at their existing business venue. After lot of brainstorming and few site visits, the client decided to go for a single room of 5 metric ton capacity.

While establishing this fruit ripening facility, AgroRipe had multiple responsibilities, from educating the client about the technology, practically deploy the chambers and play a crucial role to make it a successfully running set up. The result was phenomenal with an overwhelming response from the market. The client expanded their output capacity by 8 times within a short span of 4 months. In July 2008, total storage capacity was increased from 5 metric tons to 40 metric tons.

This milestone created a conducive market atmosphere for scientific ripening process. The post shelf life of the bananas doubled. Consistent good market price was received. Retailers were happy and the client’s turnover multiplied. As a result even labors got benefitted with steady wages. Beyond just setting a chamber, AgroRipe’s endeavor was to take the benefits of this technology to the lowest link in this value chain by creating good employment with better wages.

This sparked a Banana Revolution and an ecosystem was set for bananas in Pune and surroundings fruit markets.